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It is a great pleasure to express why I continue to make KRK of Historic Roswell my choice for my son's preschool experience. The teachers are winners, hands down. The teachers take a very proactive, nuturing and caring approach to my child's development. Every day the teachers provide me with feedback. They take great pride in sharing my child's success stories and milestones. As long as the teachers continue to exhibit this level of commitment and dedication to my child's development, I will continue to be a proud parent whose child attends Kids R Kids of Historic Roswell.
My daughter has attended Kids R Kids of Historic Roswell since she has been 12 weeks old. She is now 19 months and is thriving in the nourishing environment created by the owners, directors and teachers at the school. There so many advantages at KRK, including the academic environment, music program and U Fitness. One more positive at our KRK is the Chef and the nutritional meals that she creates. My wife and I couldn't be happier with the experience we have had with Kids R Kids of Historic Roswell.
So much more!
We have been at KRK of Historic Roswell for 3 years and we love it so much! We looked at many "daycares:" and could immediately tell KRK was so much more than that. The Director and Staff are some of the most wonderful ladies you will ever meet. On multiple occasions they have gone above and beyond for our family. I can't say enough about the teachers. The activities and learning environment has been amazing. KRK has become an extended family for us.
Couldn't be Happier
In October 2012, at 3 months old, our daughter Sofia started at Kids R Kids of Historic Roswell. In May 2013, we're moving and will unfortunately be too far from Roswell to keep her at this facility, which saddens us beyond words. We couldn't be happier with the excellent staff and loving care she receives every day. The team at Kids R Kids of Historic Roswell is simply amazing. Our daughter benefits from tons of personal attention, as well as a stimulating and extremely warm and caring environment. Every day, we drop her off with a big smile on her face and pick her up the same way. Not only is Sofia happy and content to be there, but all of the other children are as well. We will miss the entire staff and we hope to find a child care center for Sofia that can meet the very high standards that this facility has set for us. Jennifer & Ryan Iorio
Jennifer & Ryan Iorio
Great Quality Care
My child started in the infant room and will be in Pre-K next year. He has really enjoyed his time at Kids R Kids. He has even been learning some spanish there! The teachers are very easy to talk to and open about your child`s day and what they are working on in class. The school is very education centered and always open to parent involvement and input. My son loves the food and it`s very nutritious, no frozen stuff!
Teachers Terrific, Staff
My 2 1/2year old daughter has been at Kids for 7+ months and loves it! The teachers are just wonderful, food is healthy, learning is fun they put so much into it - my daughter is really happy here and loves going to school, she adores the teachers. Staff are all great to deal with. Excellent school, we are really happy
Friendly and Fun Day Care
Highly recommend KRK #16. My oldest son is 3 years old and has been with KRK since he was 3 months. Our youngest is 10 months and has joined the KRK family 6 months ago. Both are very happy there. We love the teachers and administrative staff. When you walk through the front door, you immediately feel the enthusiasm. We feel it is worth every penny. The boys have high quality care and lots of TLC and that is priceless!!
Love this Place!!!!!!!!!
We had our child in a day care we were not happy with. As first time parents, we made a bad decision and moved him into KRK/Historic Roswell. We could not be happier. We are confident in the care he receives there. They work with each child and their development milestones. They evaluate your child`s progress and set up conferences. My son has done so well in this facility. The owner "rolls up her sleeves" and helps when necessary. The Director is great and really listens to your opinions or concerns. My son has rarely gotten sick in this facility. It is very clean. I could not be happier!
My daughter has been at Kids-R-Kids since she was 6 weeks old. She is not 8. Ms. Judy and her staff are wonderful. I never have to worry about the kind of care my daughter receives at this facility. They have always treated us as if we were part of their family. I would and do recommend this center to anyone who has a need for childcare. My love goes out to everyone at Kids-R-Kids. Thank you for everything you do!
We couldn`t be more pleased with the care my daughter receives at Kids R Kids. She is happy and thriving thanks to the staff and administration.They are always professional,organized and involved. They have exceeded my expectations. As a first time mom I feel confident that my daughter is in good hands.
My daughter has been cared for at Kids R Kids and they have been truly wonderful. The owner, Judy, director Dee and the staff are outstanding and very caring and nurturing to all the children. My child has been there since she was an infant and she is now 4 years old. My husband and I express our gratitute and appreciation for the all the hard work they do and their passion for caring and teaching the children. THANK YOU to all the staff members at Kids R Kids!!!
Kat Kat
Best in Roswell
As a parent, I LOVE this preschool! Both my children attend it currently and have been enrolled since they were infants. From the moment you walk in, you feel warm and welcome. All of my childrens` teachers have been very loving and dedicated. The staff is always very professional and caring. Any concern I`ve ever had as a parent has been handled in an extremely positive manner. And my children LOVE the homemade food! I highly recommend this school.
Best in Town
I have had an incredible experience at this school with teachers, administrators, and the unique, quality care that my children have received. The program is warm and inviting and always open to families. I feel welcomed each day and know that all are teaching my children as they grow each day. Bravo to a wonderful school!!
Your child is worth the very BEST!
ALL the staff at KRK is so appreciated and loved by this family. I have never felt more comfortable with any other school then I have with KRK. I never have to worry about how my son is being treated when he’s dropped off every day; I know he’s getting the VERY best care that he has ever gotten at any school. As a very protective Mother you can imagine how important that is and how good knowing this makes me feel. In fact as a testament to this comfortableness is that I have not even one time signed on to the web to view him the entire time he has been there! This for me is really saying something since I have always kept the browser up at all times with any other school. My son has food allergies and they are so concerned, so protective, aware and accommodating! If your child has special dietary needs, this is the place they need to be! The meals are wonderful, fresh, homemade and HEALTHY! Every teacher we have ever had contact with has been outstanding, just absolutely amazing! I honestly can not express how much we love this school and how much of a good thing you would be doing by putting your child in this loving, friendly, energetic and engaging environment! If you demand the VERY BEST for your child, then don’t hesitate, KRK Roswell is outstanding!!
I would choose Kids R Kids again! My son was there from 3 months old and still attends summer camp at 6 years old. Great management and teachers who really do CARE about our kids! They love what they do. He still stops by to say Hi to the teachers when we are in the neighborhood! You`ll be happy with your decision!
Kathy S
Amazing Place
Kids R Kids Historic Roswell is a wonderful place. My daughter started there when she was 15 weeks old, and we could not be more pleased with this school. The teachers in the infant room are nothing short of amazing. The care they give each child is beyond compare, and the infant room is full of love, joy, and stimulation. The teachers were able to "figure out" my daughter`s needs so quickly, which helped her adjust to her new environment without any problems at all. My daughter has absolutely thrived since she came to KrK Historic Roswell. If she could talk, I know she would tell me she loves it there and looks forward to going each morning. In addition to the amazing teachers, the administrative staff are equally amazing. I am always greeted with a cheerful hello, and they always have time to talk with you. It is clear that they know each and every one of the kids & that they take a profound interest in their well-being, growth, and education. It is truly a gift that I don`t have to worry about my daughter when she is in their care. I know she is safe, loved, and that she is in a stimulating and educational environment. We look forward to all the years we have ahead at KrK Historic Roswell. I`ve seen what the older children learn & do, and I am so excited for my daughter. She has so much to look forward to. Kids R Kids Historic Roswell is a wonderful, one-of-a-kind school.
Stacie W
Teachers Who Care
Our 15 month old son has been at KRK since he was 12 weeks old – and the time has flown by without a hitch. It’s so wonderful to know that everyday your child is in the hands of true professionals who are not only well-trained, but love the children as their own - as any child care provider should. So many centers focus on curriculum to the extent the concept of a caring environment is often times forgotten….but not at KRK #16. My son had the same four teachers the entire school year, which is such a blessing and very rare! The Infant Room was so much more that I ever expected. Miss Jennifer actually cried on the last day of transition.; and although it broke my heart, that’s what all parents want to see – individuals who love your kids as much as you do. We looked all over the area and in every price range – high and low; and Kids R Kids in Historic Roswell was by far our favorite. Luckily, I was not disappointed – the staff there has been nothing but warm and supportive, and I look forward to another school year as a proud KRK mom!
Amanda H
My Kids Love the School!
I have had my kids at KRK since 2006 and I could not be more pleased with their job! Every day I take my daughter to school with peace of mind knowing that the place is safe, the staff is wonderful, the food is excellent and that my daughter is really happy and learning. My family wants to express our gratitute to everyone on the staff. Highly recommended.
J Doval
Best in Atlanta
My son has been at Kids R Kids in Roswell since he was 4 months old. He is now three and has loved every minute. I go to work everyday with peach of mind that he is safe and happy. He has learned so much from all of his wonderful teachers in room 1,2 and 3. We are now relocating out of state and are extremely sad to leave Kids R Kids. We are having a difficult time finding a new school that can provide us the exceptional care that we have received at Kids are Kids in Roswell. Highly recommended!
E White
Nutrition, Cleanliness Top Priorities
If you cringe at the thought of feeding your four year old `nuggies and tot`s` everyday - this is the place for you! When they say `in house chef`, they mean it! Unlike other centers out there who`s chef warms pre-packaged, processed food in the ovens, they actually make home-made, nutritous meals on site. Food DOES have an affect on children`s brains! They also take cleanliness seriously. I really appreciated the mandatory shoe coverings in the infant room as well as the convenient hand sanitizer by the door and the `no-big-kids` in the infant room. The staff is hand-down best in ATL. Always friendly, courteous and professional with top focus and priority on your child`s safety, happiness and education. If you live anywhere close to this center, you owe it to your kids to enroll them right away!
Wish We Could Stay!
After sending our two kids to Kids R Kids 16 it is almost time to say goodbye. We started with our daughter nine years ago in the infant room, by the time she left she had had some of the best teachers, and has kept her friends she made during her time there. Our son started 5 years ago, in the infant room the very attentive teachers noticed that there was something wrong with our son, the school called and we found out that he had a much bigger problem than anyone first thought. If it had not been for those teachers, we could have possibly lost our son due to an accident. The administrative team as well as ALL the teachers in each room really do care A LOT for the kids in their rooms, but they also care about all the kids, whenever my daughter goes in to get her brother, all the teachers say hi to her by name, even though she has been gone for over 3 years!! We will miss everything about K R K. I know my kids are better off than the ones that did not get the opportunity to attend K R K. The Clarke family will miss them all!!!!!
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